WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.Read Disclaimer

DVNT - HHC PRE-ROLLS BOX 10ct | DISPLAY OF 10 (MSRP $14.99each)

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  • DVNT - HHC PRE-ROLLS BOX 10ct | DISPLAY OF 10 (MSRP $14.99each)
  • DVNT - HHC PRE-ROLLS BOX 10ct | DISPLAY OF 10 (MSRP $14.99each)
  • DVNT - HHC PRE-ROLLS BOX 10ct | DISPLAY OF 10 (MSRP $14.99each)
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Contains: NO Tobacco, NO Nicotine, < .3% THC, ~15% HHC, 150mg HHC Per Stick
Flavor: Orange Creamsicle , Tres Leches , Pink Lemonade

Additional Product Information

Cannabinoids & Focus: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The effects of productivity-enhancing cannabinoids like CBG feel inherently different from conventional energy supplements.

Most energy-boosting supplements make you feel more awake but may also intensify chaotic and disordered thinking. Ultimately this makes it harder to think conceptually.

Conceptual thinking is the practice of connecting abstract, disparate ideas to deepen understanding and form new ideas entirely.

Most people who take energy supplements end up diving into “busy work,” — which happens when you’re actively doing something yet accomplish very little.

Rather than making you feel like you’re fired up and stimulated, cannabinoid-based “energy boosters” help you dial in your mental capacity for tasks that actually move the needle.

What’s Inside DVNT HHC Prerolls

10 prerolls per pack. Each preroll has 1g of California grown bud with 15% HHC thc. Thats 150mg per preroll and 1500mg per pack! They hit.

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